Maria Hellscream

Half-Orc Barbarian


Light green skin, DD-Cup, Black Hair, Ponytail, 5’5’’, HUGE GREAT-AXE, Red eyes, 18 years old,


Maria was born in the nation of Flamma, a land filled with evil and chaotic beings. Being raised around war and evil, Maria too began her thirst for power in this crazy world. At an early age of 12 Maria drafted herself into the military. From then on her life was surrounded by blood, violence, and rage… And she loved it. After four years of fighting in the wars of the Flammian army, she came across an old book about a primal chaos, the The Daemon Sultan, Azeroth. This being was a form of ceaseless and mindless destruction, destroying everything in its path. Maria had a lust for power, and would do anything in order to get this power, so she thought that if she followed this god she may find a way to have a taste of true power. two more years had gone by, and one day she passed out after a blind rage while in battle. She awoke on the battle field, surrounded by the bodies and remains of her enemies, yet soon after more soldiers came after her. She then gained the support of a cleric named ______, and with her support they pushed back the remaining enemies and from the blood of their enemies became friends.

Maria Hellscream

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