Quest of Planes

G'Day, Bitches
Well Fuck

Made it to this cool town today. It looks like it was put up in a hurry, and very recently. We thought to spend the night here so we went to inquire about the inns. I understand that this is a rather new town but the sleaziest inn was a whole 5 gold pieces! Talk about a tourist trap. We ended up staying at the 10g inn, not upscale in any means but none of us felt as if an unwanted visitor would be sneaking in at night. So the orgy didn’t quite go as planned. We all got fucked, but not in the way I was hoping at least.

The Drunk, The Witch and The Cellar
One Dark and Stormy Night


Today was an eventful day to say the least. Me and Celia walked to the seemingly abandoned town. After walking around for a while Celia saw someone looking from one of the windows. We walked over to him to get a better look. He was an elf. What was his name? I think it was Kuromori Woodsoul. Now that I think about it I should probably ask where hes from. We had little time to talk because we were attacked by what i imagine was once the citizens of this place revived by some foul magic.

We made short work of them and after the fight saw two figures approaching on the horizon. One was carrying a large axe and the other carrying a scythe. They approached with their weapons sheathed. The axe wielding one was a half-orc named Maria, the second a human cleric going by the name Tsubaki but I just call her six. Something about those two worries me. Why would they be in a place like this? Though I guess the same could be asked of us. The five of us took shelter from the blizzard in a tavern across the street. Inside we were met by a peculiar sight. Sitting at the one of the tables was a man drinking ale with a large hammer at his side. We questioned him but got nothing useful other than his name, Randyr.

We heard some strange noises coming from the basement so Kuromori went to investigate. He barely had his hand on the door when Maria smashed it with her axe, damaging it greatly but not destroying it. Randyr Charged the door with his hammer breaking it to pieces. The basement was dark so i threw down a glowing coin illuminating the vile creatures that had started climbing the stairs. Celia colour sprayed them causing them to fall and smash their head against the ground. After checking to see if they were dead we searched the room, finding nothing but foodstuffs and alcohol.

There was another door with a padlock on the eastern wall. Kuromori smashed the padlock on the door and was about to open the door when when we heard a deafening screech on the other side of the door. I was about to say we should probably not open the door but once again Randyr charged the door with his hammer, destroying it. A robed undead came out of the door and six others rose from the ground around us. We all ran up the stars and managed to hold them at the door until Celia could colour spray them again. It was long long fight and we somehow came out on top. We had the last three back into a corner when the ceiling fell down on them. When the dust cleared there was a naked half-elf lying in the rubble. He’s a bard and apparently a friend of Kuromori’s. The bard took the undead’s robes and we boarded the windows and doors to prepare for night. I’m on first watch tonight. I can hear them outside. I hope they don’t attack in the night.


When everyone was awake and prepared to go we unbarred the door and took a look outside. The blizzard had passed during the night and i couldn’t see anymore of the undead. We saw smoke rising from the forest in the distance. The group decided to investigate the source of the smoke.

A couple hours after we left a large rat came running out of the woods at us. The Drunk charged the rat and it ran strait through his legs. The rest of the group ran to block it’s path. I told them not to attack it because there was something strange about it aside from its size. He was twitching It looked as if its spine was shifting positions. After about a minute it had transformed into a gnome. Maria tried to axe him a question but he didn’t seem to want to answer and instead crawled away from her. Kuromori managed to calm him down while Six healed him. We didn’t get much out of him before he ran off in the direction of the smoke. He said something about a cave with rats. We followed after him albeit at a slower pace. The smoke ended up being from a chimney the town of Gilneas. I wonder how me and Celia could have possibly missed it on our way through the forest.

We went to the inn in the center of town to get a place to spend the night. I asked the barkeep, who was also the innkeeper, about the town. He said they had been having some trouble with large rats attacking villagers. He also had a shield on his back, but i only managed to catch a glimpse of it under his coat. When I asked him about it he said it was a family heirloom. When I asked how much a room was for the night, he said it was free if i spent it with him. I made sure to block the door in case he tries anything during the night.


When I left my room this morning I didn’t expect to see rat-boy sitting at one of the tables fully clothed this time. We asked him again about what happened yesterday and gave him some alchemists kindness for his hangover. He told us about how he had gotten the job from from the innkeeper who also happened to be the mayor of Gilneas. I asked the Innkeeper what he knew about rat-boy. He told me rat-boy was a mercenary he hired to clear out the rats in a cave to the north. The group of us agreed to go check it out. The innkeeper said he would pay us double what he has offered rat-boy.

The walk to the cave was uneventful but when we arrived we could see the corpse of what appeared to be a rat in front of the entrance. Maria went to check it out but was grabbed by a giant spider. We managed to land a few blows on it before Six scared it away with a spell. We entered the cave curious to see what had happened to the rats. Inside we found another spider and dozens of rat corpses. The spiders must have killed them off before we got here. There was a corpse with magical armour and boots. He doesn’t need them anymore.

When we got back to town to was much different then when we had left.There were injured and dead lying in the street. We rushed to the inn to talk to the mayor, but when we entered we saw his and rat-boy’s corpses. Maria searched the body and took the payment we were promised and his shield. Which now that I’ve had a better look at it appears to be made of, or at least covered in skin. We went outside to try and make sense of the situation. The party was split in two, Maria, Randyr, Six and the bard want to execute the injured to stop them from turning. I wanted to get out of the town and Celia, and Woodsoul seemed to agree with me.

We made a break for the stables while Randyr smashed the head of a man who was twitching uncontrollably. Everything turned to chaos. People were screaming, some started turning into rats. The three of us ran to the stables, running past the rat people that tried to stop us. We all got horses and Celia spoke to another four and told them to get the rest of the party. As we were escaping into the forest we heard an explosion, the area around the inn was in flames. I later found out from Six that the four of them had taken the alcohol from the inn and spread it everywhere before lighting it on fire. They eventually caught up with us and we traveled through the woods until nightfall. The fire is still visible now. I hope the forest hasn’t caught fire. I told everyone who is on watch duty tonight that if they see it get any closer to wake everyone immediately.

The Kobold Badass
Total Douche


NOTE: Not known to any new Pc’s

cool guy mc evilface portaled, but plotnesia. HEY THERE, PLAYER SECRETS ARE A THING.

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