A near desolate, frozen continent in eternal war and winter.

100 years of written history, that is it. Rest is just myths, stories, true and false.

Four Factions:

Aduro – Relgious. They want to claim “The Middle” for their god Aduros. Your classic pally/ good people. Catholics.

Flamma – Religious. They want to claim “The Middle” for their god Succendo. Evilish. There Are Demons and evil creatures alike. Satanists.

Ignis – Want to conquer and control the middle, not for any god, just for the sake of controlling and science. Britain. (colonizing everything)

Exuro – They did not want to be tied to the other factions, revolted from all three, and thus, made their own. Not interested in the middle. America. (Without religion)


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